U.S. broadband speeds sluggish as online gaming grows

New York City citizens pay about $30 a month for a download speed of three megabits per second (Mbps) via a DSL line. Compare that to Japan, where for $5 more, broadband users get 100 megabits.

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perseus4469d ago

...maybe it's 100Mb by advertising, but I max out at about 5MB/s when I'm downloading from a fast sourceforge server. At 100Mb I should get about 12MB/s ideally.

But yeah, it's fast, and it's cheaper than $35, I get it for $20.

tweaker4469d ago (Edited 4469d ago )

Damn, do you really max out at 5MB at home? I pay $50 a month and I only get 600KBytes (Actual average speed) from the advertised 10Mbits connection.

moveteam4469d ago

That sounds crazy, I only have a 5Mbit connection, and have speeds of 400-500 KB (KiloByte) per second, and that's much slower than 5Mbit, when I test the connection it says 3,5 Mbit.

Anyway I pay $41 per month, but that includes unlimited phone plan.

perseus4469d ago

I only get that from very fast servers, but I guess that's technically my limit. I get 3-5MB/s when downloading torrents.

Arvynia4469d ago (Edited 4469d ago )

100MegaBITS, not megaBYTES... (1 megabit = 0.125 megabyte) also it depends on the upload speed of the place ur downloading it off.
Anyway i pay $59 Australian a month for 24Mbs and 30gb (+20gb offpeak) download limit =\ from, the cheapest isp in australia. From telstra (main ISP and telephone provider) that would cost about $130 a month

perseus4469d ago


Yeah, we all got that, that's why I was talking about the theoretical maximum of around 12 MB/s, which is about 100 Mb/s.

I pay 2200 Yen/month for a 100Mb/s, unlimited download, cable connection. Maybe not the cheapest in Japan, but it's at least the best value.

gta_cb4469d ago

that really sucks, i have an "up to 20MB" connection via cable broadband rather then the BT phone lines and when downloading from a decent server i normally get a download speed of 1500KBps to 1900KBps which means i get between 15mbps to 19mbps which is really decent.

perseus4469d ago


Sorry dude, I'm not sure which part sucks. From what you just wrote, mine is about 3 times faster? I'm actually really happy with my connection, I just wish that everyone else was faster, and that I got the 12megabytes per second that they advertise.

IntelligentAj4469d ago

I have Time Warner and my download speeds hover around 1 Meg/second. Why is everyone else slow?

Archaeox4469d ago

Would anybody mind showing me how to find my mbps?

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Mr Pumblechook4469d ago (Edited 4469d ago )

Microsoft were pushing HD-DVD discs.
HD-DVD failed miserably and Toshiba pulled the plug.
Now Microsoft, bitter in defeat, say optical drives will die out with this console generation! That everything will go the downloaded DLC route!

The hardware infrastructure is not in place. This requires consoles/PC with enough storage space to store several movies and games, and super fast internet. I have no doubt this will eventually happen, but not for another 10 years at least. iTunes hasnt killed off CD sales has it?

Forget the Microsoft PR crap, the next Xbox will have an optical drive, and it will probably be Blu-ray!

Sir Ken Kutaragi 44469d ago

...HDi was the Future next year tho??? ;-D

Cherchez La Ghost4469d ago (Edited 4469d ago )


thehitman4469d ago

I read dsl and stopped reading... Cable is where its at. DSL= Digital Slow Line.

OpiZA4469d ago

Well i pay around the equivalent of $70 a month, for 384kbps adsl with a 3gig cap. Fully shaped.

Until the territories outside of the US/Europe get their act together, I don't see digital distribution making the impact its aiming for.

Kirstenlottesovs4469d ago

i pay 350 Danish kroner a month, which is like 70$, for a 2Mbit connection with 512 upload.
But then again, we dont have fiber-optic cables installed in most of the country yet.

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