Preview: Sony 2007 financial results

VGChartz writes: "Sony's financial year 2007 ended on March 31st and its financial results will be presented within a few weeks. This article contains Sony's results so far and previews the expectations concerning Sony's shipment targets, using VGChartz data.

Sony Computer Entertainment (SCE) must have mixed feelings about financial year 2007. During the first 2 quarters Sony's flagship the PlayStation 3 (PS3) and handheld PlayStation Portable (PSP) were severely outsold by their respective competitors. The 8 year old PlayStation 2 (PS2) performed very well, consistently outselling its younger and stronger brother, but declining hardware and software sales for the best sold console of all time prevented it from saving SCE from the red numbers."

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Asurastrike4237d ago

Sony lost money in the games department and made billions everywhere else.

PR0F3TA4237d ago

*sigh* VGCharts... don't take it SO seriously

thedude176554237d ago

it may be "questionable" it is still interesting to see how things "may" be among the finances of Sony.

ItisI4237d ago

Vgchartz isn't perfect. But it is very close to what is happening. Do you know that Charttrack, Famitsu and NPD are all worked out in the same way. Why do you beleive that any of them are any closer to the actual figures.

Bazookajoe_834237d ago

How has the ps3 done? how has the 360 done, how much has the rrod costed? and the wii, if we should count it as a game console ;-)

Avto4237d ago

you now I love when somebody has to lose money for my pleasure so if MS makes $ well fcuk them.

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