PSW UK: GRID Preview & Interview - GRID's behind the wheel and has its sights on GT5

PSW UK writes: "Where once we played a TOCA game which covered pretty much every kind of racing discipline, we now have a svelte and well-buff racer, and it's left its past behind. "Hey TOCA! How are you?" we said - but it totally blanked us. It only answers to GRID now. It hasn't gone all supermodel-thin by any means, but latest-gen tech is being tapped to angle for more realistic racing over sheer size, so that means the Scottish mechanic has carked it and with him the Story mode. Here are some cliches to help you picture what we mean. GRID has gone back to its roots. GRID is all about the racing. In GRID, you are the story.

Instead of chucking every conceivable motorsport into the game, which would have edged it precariously close to its stablemate Colin McRae: DiRT, GRID focuses on the hook of rivalries established around the globe, and on the sense of a global championship taking place around you. You might have a brush with a racer specializing in Japanese drift events and not see him again for ages, but then find him lining up on the grid beside you - mindful that your driving put him into the crash barriers the last time you met."

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