Why Modular Windows Will Suck for Microsoft and Suck for You

There is a growing consensus of opinion forming that Windows "Seven" will be "modular," the concept being that you buy the core OS first and then add to it individual "modules" with logically distinct units of functionality. There are two ways the OS could be modularized in such a fashion, the first being that it could be split into functional "roles," such as "music" or "movies" or "mail & chat." The other option, which is a bit more radical, would be to build on the "Windows Live" software that updates/replaces some of the OS components. For example, Vista's Windows Photo Gallery is replaceable with Windows Live Photo Gallery. The Live version is similar in concept, but includes greater online integration and features.

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BrianC62344239d ago

Leave it to Micro$oft to come up with this idea. I can see it now. The base OS is $99. If you want to print you have to add the printer module. That's another $49.99. If you want sound that is another $49.99. If you need your mouse to work you'll need the mouse module. That's a bargain at just $24.99.

Once you add all the modules to do what you want your OS has cost you $500. Way to go, chase everyone to Apple.

Bolts4239d ago

Yup this sounds like a massive ripoff, its like a Live DLC for your OS.

qwertyuiopasdfghjkl4239d ago

MS has been my most hated company for awhile, this only adds fuel to my flames.

Scarfy4239d ago

BrianC6234 - It obviously won't be as bad as that... BUT, how about this,

1) Want the OS to support more than 1GB of RAM? Download a module
2) Want the OS to use more than 1 CPU core? Download a module
3) Want to play those divx movies? Download the "certified" module
4) MP3 support? Download the module (WMA and WMV are Free!)
5) Want greater Wifi and Ethernet speeds? Download the module
6) etc.

They'll be no means cripple the system. They'll simply put a cap on what people can do with hardware.

sleepbox4239d ago

Meh...this will only encourage more piracy and more open source software.

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