GamesRadar: Lock Nation - hands-on

GamesRadar writes: "Drawn to Life developer, 5th Cell has another promising DS title up its sleeve that's worth keeping an eye on. Lock Nation will place you in the role of Lock. He's an Archineer - that's part architect, part engineer - who's charged with defending his town from an invading clockwork army.

Led by the undeniably evil Lord Agony, the clockworks are after your hometown's rich Source wells. Think of Source as the magical lifeblood of Lock Nation's economy. And think of Lord Agony and his clockwork cronies as the imperialist invaders looking to steal your town's natural resources."

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PS360WII4478d ago

Cool beans this looks like it should prove to be a fun time. A few mins to build a defense then the attack begins and you have control of a character who needs to repair and fight. Good times