PSX Extreme: Baja Preview

PSX Extreme writes: "Thanks to THQ's Gamers Day event this past week, we've been able to acquire plenty of new information and details concerning their scheduled next-gen titles, and Baja is one of them. April may be the month of Gran Turismo 5: Prologue, but there are plenty more racers on the way, and we're seeing a definite resurgence of the off-road racing sub-genre. Sega Rally Revo and DiRT are already big titles, MotorStorm 2 should hit this year, and even the Rally events in GT are getting more and more attention as time goes on. Remember the arcade smash hit, Off-Road? Yeah, well, we've come a long way since then, and with Baja, you'll guide some of the most diverse and capable vehicles on earth through some of the most challenging events. We guarantee there's something here for just about every racing fan, from massive monster trucks to speedy little buggies. Can THQ and 2XL Games step into the spotlight and deliver a winner amidst the extraordinarily competitive world of video game racing?"

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