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From Oz,

"I don't understand why so many casual PC games style themselves as "addictive." To me, that term indicates a "can't put it down" drive to finish the whole darned thing at once - a level of compulsion that video games generally have to be fairly epic to incite. Games that involve popping colored bubbles or lining up jewels may be fun, and I may like playing them, but rarely do I feel forced onward. Casual games should, instead, be enjoyable in segments - bright spots of entertainment that fight off those little holes of boredom lurking in your day.

Big Islands Blends is such a game. While it's not tremendously deep, it's brightly colored, straightforward fun that has a soothing soundtrack and a relaxing setting. I mean, you make people happy with fruit smoothies while they're at the beach. If that's not a simple, happy vibe, I don't know what is."

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