Every Click You Make

The online behavior of a small but growing number of computer users in the United States is monitored by their Internet service providers, who have access to every click and keystroke that comes down the line.

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bluegoblin3850d ago

-^-( thats a little kid's middle finger )
now being serious that kind of creepy, how they can see exactly what you're doing.Not that i care but still creepy.

MorganX3850d ago

They're actually looking into every TCP/IP packet sent from your computer thorugh their routers and reading the contents.

Of course, if a site is using SSL encryption they can't read it. I think this will encourage more and more sites to use SSL.

The Closing3850d ago (Edited 3850d ago )

Thats a lot of porn they have to sort through. You know not that I would look at such filth...but you know the average joe that does..

*tries to play it cool

WeZz3850d ago

"If you're reading this Mr. Cable provider
***K OFF"

lol I couldn't have said it any better!

Whats with these ppl? Its like the guy said in the article. its as if they listen in our phone calls and next thing you know some creep shows up at your door with some ads for you! THATS BS!

If they only had some sort of application for ppl to fill out and list what they like and TADAAAA! they have the same damn info if not even more accurate than what they are seeking right now and above ALL (THEY"D HAVE THEIR CONSENT!)

kingtigar3850d ago

keep on googling profound messages targeted at your ISP LOL. maybe then they will get the point.