HaloRadar: The Halo 3 Olympics

"White men can't jump, but Master Chief sure can. He also knows how to dunk, dribble, throw a touchdown, hit a homerun, drive a race car and score on a penalty kick. He's quarterback, goalie, point guard, slugger, pitcher and motorist - all wrapped into one genetically enhanced super athlete.

Hold up... you thought Halo 3 was just a shooter? Clearly, you underestimate the power of Forge and Custom Games. The editing tools don't just enable players to limit respawns, increase ammo or place an extra Warthog; they allow creative fans to invent whole new games. Or, as these examples prove, reinvent the classic games we know and love in the real world.

Welcome to the Halo 3 Olympics." writes Charlie Barratt of Games Radar.

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Breakfast4247d ago

lol at song choice in the 2nd video. If your gonna listen to EDM please dont to listen to cheesy crap like that.

As much as i like Halo...this is not news. gets worse and worse with that song...

t-0_ot-4246d ago

haha yes it does..

I don't understand how they even make game types like that..

ThaToNeKiiDKaBaW4246d ago

Hmm, No PeeS3 Fanboys here in this thread.. That's new!

But, there just sad because they know this owns everything on th PS3! Even the UT3 Mods! Even the PS3 fanboys which they had Halo and Forge!!

Hellsvacancy4246d ago

im just browsin for sum news coz im bored at home wid no weed nor beer, i wasnt even gonna bother to comment on anythin on this borin no news day when i then read a comment left by a moron above.
halo sucks in my opinion which matters to no1 but me. ive only ever played halo (2) 1nce and didnt like it (when i owned an original xbox), im more in2 bullets, not fu<kin laser beams, i thought it was more like an original ps1 final fantsy game that was set in the future, the graphics where to colourfull, like the simpsons.
There will be more halo games in the future just like there is friday the 13th movies which get worse and worse, microsoft will drag and drag the halo series out.
This aint me kissin the ps3s arse its the truth, KILLZONE is more my style, its got lots of blood, its got bullets not sum star-wars wannabe laser blaster, its GOT a story line, and how can i 4get, ITS LOOKS FU<KIN BRILLIANT...END OF

MasterChief28294246d ago

Seriously you're just as bad as him. If you see someone like that just ignore them, they want attention.

ThaToNeKiiDKaBaW4246d ago

Just fckin around buddy, but, seriously, why is there no PS3 fanboys in here? They always seem to be in a 360 thread.. I guess they just passed this one up..

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