Microsoft abuses Xbox 360 victims more than new customers

Microsoft has kept a relatively low profile on the Xbox 360 front since last summer when it began "rewarding" victims of the disturbingly frequent "red ring of death" failures, excluding the rather underhanded way Microsoft surreptitiously slid the whole Xbox Live outage ordeal that occurred in the months of December and January under the table. Though free Xbox Live games and embellished warranty extensions might seem like acceptable penances to most people, Microsoft is doing whatever it can to alienate its quickly diminishing number of loyal 360 owners with underhanded business practices.

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yanikins1113944d ago

This cant actually be true.... can it?

MADGameR3944d ago

I guess Microsoft IS having a GREAT YEAR!!

ichimaru3944d ago

aother blog, yippee!!!! i race to m monitor every night to read blogs on NEWS4gameer :)

dantesparda3944d ago (Edited 3944d ago )

that its absolutely true! Every single word he said. And I should know, Im on my 4th 360 since launch (Nov 22nd, 2005) and I dont even play the system everyday, for hours-on-end. And all my deaths were RROD except for my 1st system, which was severe system freezing. Oh and btw, MS used to charge $140, before they came out with the 3-yr RROD warranty.

Now for all you Microsoft Defence Force lackeys, keep defending this sh!t or down-playing it, like its nothing, and youse will continue to get exactly what youse deserve. See folks, this is when fanboyism goes horribly wrong. When they'll accept this kind of sh!t as tolerable. Youse should be up in arms telling MS that this sh!t is unacceptable, but no, instead youse defend it. Well reap what you sow

And for anybody who thinks Im some kind of Sony fanboy, check my gamertag, check my PDZ achievements. And you'll see that I've been there since the beginning. I stayed out all night in the rain waiting to get the 360 (1st time i ever did that for a console)

lawgone3944d ago

Two problems here: 1) regardless of whether or not you think the "blog" is true, it is not a news article and shouldn't be posted here and, 2) I'm really starting to question all the people claiming to be on their 3rd or 4th 360. That would have to mean that myself and my friends, who all got our 360's shortly after launch, have been tremendously lucky b/c we've never had a problem while the people having 3 & 4 repairs have been tremendously unlucky. Or did Cincinnati, OH just get the "good" ones? The numbers don't make sense. If you're telling the truth, I feel for you. I just question whether you and others really are telling the truth.

DRUDOG3944d ago

Consider yourself and your friends lucky. The only two guys I know that owned 360s (notice I said owned) both had multiple RRODs. One guy had it four times (he ended up buying another 360--an Elite hoping it would fix his problems, but that one RROD'd as well) the other got it three times. Both were Xbox fans and neither owned a PS3 (or PS1/2) until finally becoming fed up with MS and the 360 problems. BTW, If you want an extra 360 my friend is basically giving one of them away...oh yeah, needs to be repaired though and MS will be charging you $200 from what he told me.

The Lazy One3944d ago

Except it's not true. Whether or not there are multiple RROD's doesn't matter for crap, the warranty info he gives is completely wrong. REturned systems have a new warranty (6 months if I remember correctly) on all hardware issues. It's bullshit that he says otherwise.

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lawman11083944d ago

#1 MS NEVER charged to have it fixed (just shipping) and #2 I know of NOBODY that has sent back the system more then twice. I had to send my PS2 back for "bad disc read" error and if I EVER used my PS3 for ANYTHING but a black door stop I think it may have a problem or two itself. I do NOT like MS customer support at all I happen to think it is one of the worst around but that is a GREAT GAME system. If I want to watch BD dvd I will use my PS3 just like everyone else.

Odion3944d ago

god sony fans are desperate if all they can do is post stuff from random blogs

PR0F3TA3944d ago

kinda like the GTA4 blog on how much power and how bad the PS3 controller is for it..


tweaker3944d ago

Simply ingnore it man. The wave of good news tend to switch around for both sides.

jadenkorri3944d ago

how the f**k is the ps3 controller bad for GTA4, Im sry but its user preferences for controllers, i find the 360 controller too bulky and me, the ps3 controller fits perfectly in my hand and is very light...and i have the dualshock contoller...and its still lighter...let alone the game isn't even f'in out

JD_Shadow3944d ago

I agree...though I assume you know about his sarcasm.

For those who might not know what 5.1 is talking about: The techspy blog. Just go to http://techspyblog.blogspot... to see this idiot in action (I'm calling him techspy because that's the only name we have for him, since he posts as "anonymous"). He complains about EVERYTHING PS3 in trying to say that the 360 GTA4 will be superior (he thinks he started that "superior" trend first, by the way) to the PS3 version in every way. He never finds anything wrong with the 360, throws a IGN staffer under the bus (even throws Rockstar under the bus at times) when he or they say something he doesn't like (i.e.: Something positive about the PS3 version). He acts like he was LOOKING for ANYTHING negative he could throw in there about the PS3 (even power usage which is misleading because that figure is assuming you're running [email protected], and he complained about $40 a year yet no one is allowed to complain about $50 a year for XBL Gold membership). His proof is laughable at best (he uses the GamesMaster scan as "proof" that the PS3 version wouldn't get any DLC when it actually was proving the exact opposite, and to that point, other game magazines have said the opposite of what techspy was trying to say), and his talking points are borderline laughable (I saw the GM thing as his proof on the last point and I was literately ROLLING).

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