Gamespot's Q&A: Peter Dille lays out the PS3 game plan

Sony Computer Entertainment America's SVP of marketing talks about his company's gelling scheme for its looming next-gen console launch.

Last week, Sony held a Gamers' Day in San Francisco to show off the PlayStation 3. As part of the proceedings, executives for the company showed off the next-generation console and its various bells and whistles. Foremost among these were the console's Sixaxis controller, which will translate players' physical motions into in-game actions for various titles. For example, turning the controller like a steering wheel will actually steer in-game cars in MotorStorm, the off-roading game from Sony-owned Evolution Studios.

Another key aspect of the PlayStation 3 launch is the PlayStation Network Platform. The service will launch alongside the PS3 and is tailor-made to counter the online components of the console's competitors--Xbox Live and WiiConect24--with a variety of features, such as game downloads. Another major cornerstone of the service is its price--or, more correctly, the fact it doesn't have one. Unlike Xbox Live Gold, the PlayStation Network Platform will support free online gameplay out of the box and will (presumably) continue to do so ad infinitum.

However, the PS3's November 17 launch in the US has been plagued by problems. Foremost among them is day-one supply of the console, which Sony drastically reduced last month from 2 million units to just 400,000. How is the electronics giant, whose PlayStation 2 is the undisputed leader in the console game, coping with consumers' doubts about its next-generation plans? GameSpot recently sat down with Peter Dille, senior vice president of marketing for Sony Computer Entertainment America, to find out how the US PS3 launch is shaping up.

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Oncnawan4464d ago

He takes a couple of shots at Microsoft, namely regarding the months-long XBLA drought and the preponderance of classic arcade titles in the XBLA.

What I find interesting is that Sony is not picking up on the potential for integration between the PS3 and PSP. I know that Sony likes to play "hands-off" when it comes to development guidance for their consoles, but this is an area where they could really do well by playing a stronger hand. Microsoft requires that every game have some online functionality. Sony could benefit from "encouraging" developers to include PSP functionality in their games. This could take the form of an MMOG that is played on the PS3 in a first or third person perspective and the more strategic/mundane parts could be played on-the-go on the PSP. Fighting/exploring takes place on the home console, crafting/dialogue/farming etc. takes place on the PSP. An example of a classic game with this kind of play style is X-Com. That game involves base management, research and development of technology, manufacture of weapons and vehicles, etc. from a fairly simple interface. This interface is also used to control your attempts to intercept alien vehicles and crash sites. However, the game switched to an isometric view-point when your squad of soldiers investigated a crash site. In such a game, either an MMO, or just a game that allows you to access a server from your handheld, or even a game in which you pass saved game information back and forth between the PSP and PS3, you could run the base management portion of the game from the PSP and take care of the crash site investigation on the PS3. This, of course, is only a low-tech example, as X-Com is an older PC game. But this could work with a version of a game like Mass Effect, where exploration and dialogue are handled by the PSP and instanced fights are handled on the PS3.

I think I have probably been both repetitive and redundant in stating my point, so I think you get the idea. I just see this as much more engaging than using your PSP as a rear-view mirror in a racing game.

PS360WII4464d ago

This is the first attempt they have on putting a connection between handheld and console. Remember back during Gamecube and GBA? That was Nintendo's first shot at it and we know that kind of fizzled out. Sony needs to get thier feet wet with this before we see any real quality of connecting the two. Hopefully we see some good stuff from both Sony (PS3 & PSP) and Nintendo (Wii & DS). Only time will tell.

VirtualGamer4464d ago (Edited 4464d ago )

There is some interesting info on the PSS and PS3 connectivity from IGN posted here.

It would appear they definately want to make it possible to play PS3 games via the PSP. Will just have to wait to see if they pull it off.

Oncnawan4464d ago (Edited 4464d ago )

Thanks for the link. I do realize that it is early still. I look forward to Sony finally bring something new to the console market with this kind of connectivity. Hopefully, it will be something new that will benefit gamers with some kind of gaming functionality that deals with, you know, games. That's right, gamers gaming with games.

Is there any reason why Nintendo couldn't do the same with the Wii and DS, aside from Nintendo viewing online gaming as some kind of second class citizen? This could be one race in which Microsoft is a total no-show.

Oh, and I am not talking about controlling a PS3 game via PSP, I am talking about games designed with functionality that plays to both platforms' strengths: power and mobility.

Monchichi0254464d ago

Did he really say that the PS3's Technology is leaps and bounds ahead of there competitors?!?! Really?? If it is, where???? Because as a consumer, the reason I bought a Xbox 360 this time is because I'm getting the same technology for a cheaper price! And better games!! Wow, Sony never stops amazing me!!! LOL

THAMMER14464d ago

I think they did not learn their lesson from past PR issues. But thats O.K. when we get our hands on it we see 1st hand. They still are abusing thier customer brand loyalty.

Pimps like to keep the #o's in check. So belive that S#!t if you want too.

VirtualGamer4464d ago (Edited 4464d ago )

1. HD drive that can be utilized for both movies and games.

PS3 = Yes 360 = No

2. HDMI 1.3 out.

PS3 = Yes 360 = No

3. Hard drive in every system.

PS3 = Yes 360 = No

4. Native 1080p games

PS3 = Yes 360 = No

5. Free Online multiplayer gaming

PS3 = Yes 360 = No

6. Able to web surf.

PS3 = Yes 360 = No

7. Able to run a OS (ie be a computer)

PS3 = Yes 360 = No

Yes its abundantly clear the 360 offers the same technology at a cheaper price.

Apocalypse Shadow4464d ago (Edited 4464d ago )

8.built in wifi in premium system

ps3=yes 360=no

9.built in memory stick/sd reader(premium)

ps3=yes 360=no


ps3=yes 360=no

11.links to portable system

ps3=yes 360=no regional lockout

ps3=yes 360=no

13.built in media player for music and photos

ps3=yes 360=no

14.system comes in two parts

ps3=no 360=yes

15.wireless(rechargeable)contr oller in both

ps3=yes 360=no

16.built in controller tracking

ps3=yes 360=no

if you look at the features that are built in thammer,i think that the system is leaps and bounds better out of the box.we're not talking games because ps3 has yet to prove itself.i have yet to play the games.and even then it's subjective.but out of the box.yep.leaps ahead.just like the xbox system was to the ps2 system.

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