Q1 2008 Hardware Sales vs. Q1 2007 Hardware Sales (Part I)

With the first quarter of 2008 now over, it's possible to compare the performances of hardware platforms from this year to last year. Except for the PS3 in Europe which launched in late March 2007, every platform was available for multiple months – at least – in every major region for both quarters.

Plat 08' WW 07' WW Unit Change % Change Pacing Ext
DS 5,014,765 5,260,133 -245,368 -4.7% 28.02
Wii 3,937,176 2,813,323 +1,123,853 +39.9% 22.91
PSP 2,754,913 1,976,228 +778,685 +39.4% 15.65
PS3 2,561,622 1,569,999 +991,623 +63.2% 12.45
360 1,878,235 1,385,181 +493,054 +35.6% 11.04
PS2 1,947,201 1,936,722 +10,479 +0.5% 9.12

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bluegoblin4236d ago

that Nintendo is still going strong but my question is how are they going to keep the hardcore gamer interested in their console if the have absolutely no games coming out ( im not counting crappy minigames)
after all is us that keep buying games, not the casual gamer thats going to keep palying wii sports until they turn 71 ohh wait most of them are 71....come on Nintedo we all know you can do better than that.

Kenshin_BATT0USAI4236d ago

I don't think stuff like returns deduct, plus, some people keep the console regardless. And its obviously known that Casual pop. > Hardcore pop.

bluegoblin4236d ago

there might be more casual gamers out there but who buys more games a hardcore gamer or a casual gamer??if only casual gamers are buying Wiis then nintendo is going to start running low on software sales and that my friend is a BIG problem.( and yeah i keep my consoles haha)

Kenshin_BATT0USAI4233d ago

Software sales for Wii are currently highest atm, higher then 360 and PS3.

BiggDaddy3114236d ago

or could the Wii sell 100 milion consoles and still not make a differance in the War. I have all three consoles and I never play the wee, am embarrased that I own it now. I am about to sell it, I am holding out hope bc Reggie isn't annoucing the fall lineup till E3. if he doesn't announce something decent i swear i will give my we to the first 5 yr old i see!

kingOVsticks4236d ago

the only time I played the wii if some one else wants to play the wii its a party system and im not throwing a party everyday. So I am also waiting for reggie to say something meaningful maybe zelda or a new ip that isn't targeted at young children get it together NINtendo! If they don't oh well sony and M$ is going to pick up after their slack

DrPirate4236d ago

Very interesting figures, everyone is up, but the DS is finally winding down, perhaps this is due to market saturation, but that wouldn't explain why the PS2 is still selling so well.

On that note, why IS the PS2 selling so well? It almost went up a whole percent compared to last years first quarter.

Ah well, who can tell, what's good for everyone is that the industry is strong, and that means developers will put more money into their games to compete for your dollar.

jahcure4236d ago (Edited 4236d ago )

Going by these ESTIMATES, the ps2 is simply refusing to go away. Sony must be happy that they didn't kill this thing off as yet. At 100$ per unit that's about 200 million in revenue minus costs etc on the ps2. Not bad at all...especially for an 8 year old system. BTW, the ps2 also outsold the x360. It looks like, based on these ESTIMATES, the 360 sold the least. Wow. Is this all due to the shortage that MS was talking about? Even with a shortage it's strange to see an 8 yr old console outsell the flagship of MS gaming.

Obama4236d ago (Edited 4236d ago )

360 at last place. Looks like some fanboys are going to use the 1 year pre-emptive strike excuse to argue with me XD.

ItisI4236d ago

Casuals are where the money is. Why do you think the DS is such a monster. The brain training games, Nintendogs,Big Brain academy, Mario Party DS, all multi million sellers and all games Sony and MS would scoff at making. Yet it keeps the DS selling and the profit continues to come in.

The Wii is heading down the same path. It may not suit the hardcore gamers but it is where the money is. MS and Sony will try the same path next Gen because they are being left behind in the sales race.

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The story is too old to be commented.