GamesRadar UK: Guitar Hero: Aerosmith Preview - Steve Tyler and crew get Sweet E-motion capture

GamesRadar UK writes: "Aerosmith was the first band this writer ever saw at a live gig, back in '97 (if you haven't listened to Nine Lives, then we highly recommend it) so as fans ourselves, we can confirm that Guitar Hero: Aerosmith is pure fan service. We were shown an almost-complete build of the 360 version and it's a lot of fun to spot the many references to classic albums like Pump and Permanent Vacation in the background of the game's shows. Humping pick-up trucks, anyone?

Perhaps the coolest thing about the game is the 3D recreation of the band. Developer Neversoft has created an 'idealised' 3D recreation of all five bandmembers, and although they look quite old in the game (Steve Tyler's now 60, y'know), they don't look ancient."

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