Rock Band Price & Date Comparison Tables For UK

Nidzumi Writes : Enough is a enough EA, put us all out of our misery and tell us whats the deal with Rock Band in the UK. Preferably release it in June-ish (May is reserved for GTA4) time and say £110 for the complete bundle. Still the impending release is so close you can smell it, surely we should know at least a few tidbits about the game. We take a look at the price and date rumors that have flooded game sites for months and hopefully answer your questions.

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Hades13374242d ago

How about releasing it like... right now??

tonsoffun4242d ago

It is a total travesty that EA can't be arsed releasing Rockband over here - don't they like money?

As it stands the US will get Rockband Wii before we get the 360/PS3 version.

I bit the bullet and imported it, its great, but I want easy access for DLC, so I plan on buying the solus game when it is released.


Seph4241d ago

June = MGS4, Soul Calibur 4