Xbox World 360 UK: Golden Axe: Beast Rider Preview - Conquering the world, one button flurry at a time

Xbox World 360 UK writes: "The next time someone says that they've got 'fond memories' of the original Golden Axe (or look at you in all seriousness and claim that it was "really good") remember to tell them in the kindest possible way to stick it.

It was bad enough you could complete it using the same move over and over, but it was made worse by the fact that the only long-term amusement to be had was seeing how far you can get with your eyes closed (for the record: far) and coaxing enemies to fall down holes of their own free will.

Which means we're intrigued, rather than ravenous, to get our hands on this next-gen update. Admittedly, things don't start well when you discover developer Secret Level were behind the heinous button-mashing crime, Final Fight Streetwise, a game so evil, that God stamps on a panda every time somebody exchanges money for it. But, we're willing to give this fantasy offering a fair crack of the whip - because, the newest consoles aren't exactly a hotbed of high quality hack 'n' slash at the moment."

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