GamesRadar: De Blob - multiplayer hands-on & gameplay videos

GamesRadar writes: "We were already excited about de Blob back when we first previewed it last summer. THQ had us somewhere between the words Wii Remote and Jackson Pollock. And even if de Blob didn't feature fresh, innovative Wii mechanics in gameplay (which it does, in flying colors), the plot is still compelling: de Blob and his pals liberating the world from the monochromatic forces of the INKT Corporation with lurid graffiti. Tack on to that a funk-tastic soundtrack that changes depending on what paint colors you mix together and you already have a game that demands interest. But now we have a whole new reason to be jazzed about the lurid painting adventure coming to Wii: multiplayer!"

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wiizy4242d ago

def one to watch out for.