Battlefield 4: It’s Time to Stop Wasting Resources on Single Player's Dave Walsh looks at the worth - or lack thereof - of single player campaigns in games like Battlefield 4 and why it is becoming a waste of everyone's time and money in a market where multiplayer is the main seller.

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Anon19742893d ago

I wouldn't even have played Battlefield 3 if it wasn't for single player. With MW3, I don't think I even touched the online. I've played all the Halo's (but 4, I'll get around to it) and only ever taken them online a handful of times, I'm a fan of Gears of War but never touched the online component. Multiplayer isn't why I buy these games. I realize I'm in the minority, but there's enough of us out there that the industry ignores us at their own peril.

syanara2893d ago

In my opinion Battlefield 4 needs to either stop wasting resources with single player or make a signle player that is actually decent and fun. For the most part Battlefield 3 single player was generic, boring, and uneventful. While the bad company series did a profoundly better job with single player I feel that it is in a place where they need to either go big or go home.

medman2893d ago

I'm with you... no single player equals no sale.

Christopher2893d ago

Well, going only multiplayer likely means losing me as a customer all together. Guess I"m in a dwindling part of the market.

Mr Tretton2892d ago

One who plays bland campaigns?

SP, good. Bad SP, not good.

ATi_Elite2893d ago

I was all against the SP especially coming from BF2 with it's PURE MP only but I do appreciate a good SP mode especially since EA is gonna pump out DLC every other month trying to MILK BF4

so YES Dice needs to maintain a SP mode.

.......and where the F is Bad Company 3? I'm still amazed how good looking BC2 PC looked.

Hufandpuf2891d ago

I don't get it, what would Bad Company 3 accomplish that BF3 hasn't in terms of gameplay? also I'm pushing for DICE to make 2143 next.

shutUpAndTakeMyMoney2893d ago

Time to bring it back to pc standards!!! This should not be a console game. sold enough on pc..

Also this will stop it from being like COD which will sell way more on console anyway..

Ragthorn2892d ago

I want BF to stay PC-only as well, but EA wants more money lol. I would like consoles to play this as well as it is an amazing multiplayer game, but also want them to focus on the PC version more, PC to console port is what I want them to do.

MWong2892d ago (Edited 2892d ago )

Don't know why, BF broke into the console market to expand it's overall value. Not all players have the internet or are comfortable playing online. Single player makes it playable for offline users. However, they don't know what they are missing.

I buy games like COD, Halo and KillZone only for their SP experience.

RedDevils2892d ago

lol funny I always brought those games for Multiplayer, as it just a mindless shooting game as imo those games sp are mostly shit or the developer doesn't put any effort with it.
If I were to look for SP, I would go for adventure or third-person shooting (if I want shooting game that involved shooting with great sp experienced)

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iamnsuperman2894d ago

I think you are right. I love single player games (prefer them to multiplayer) but DICE is seriously inept when it comes to making a single player movie style story. They struck gold with BC and they should have gone with that direction but BF3 single player was a mess. Everything about it was wrong except for the way it looked

Wenis2894d ago

"They struck gold with BC"

Was that pun intended? haha

HammadTheBeast2893d ago

Yeah, but when these guys are charging $70 for games, I expect the price to include a full package. If BF4 was MP-only, I'd expect it to be maximum $40. I'm surprised people aren't asking the same of Titanfall.

iamnsuperman2893d ago

I agree with you. I think it should be $40 even if it had another awful single player mode. It was a joke what they made. The can bump up the price for $60 for just multiplayer if they offer more than anyone else. Much more weapons, maps, vehicles, accessories......

mwjw6962893d ago


Go back to trolling xbox articles its what your "good" at.

If there is $60 worth of work put into the multiplayer like, BF4, Titanfall, and most MMO's then they will sell. If the games do not have a $60 value then they will not sell.

What really offends me is tacked on multiplayer, the last of us, bioshock 2, tomb raider, and so many more. NO just NO! If you need to tack that crap on then just add more to the story. DOWN WITH TACKED ON MULTIPLAYER!

dead_eye2893d ago

@mwjw696 if you haven't played the last of us mp then don't comment on it. tacked on lol

ginsunuva2893d ago

They could stil sell for regular price and give you 3x the maps and polish.

....but we all know EA will save as much dlc as possible.

Ragthorn2892d ago

Yes I totally agree with you $40 for the game, and then they can charge there dumb season passes for the extra $20-30 to make up for the loss in price. That would at least give the person options imo.

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mewhy322893d ago

Well I can't say that we shouldn't have any more single player. I mean there are gamers out there that just don't get into the multiplayer aspect of it all. I enjoy single player experience as well as multiplayer. to take that option away really isn't a very good idea IMO. At any rate, I am excited about seeing battlefield on the might PS4. What a great time to be a Playstation gamer.

RedDeadLB2893d ago

I agree to the fact that Bad Company 1 had the best single player mode of all. Huge maps, free roaming and exploration, different vehicles to drive, tactics to do, the story was brilliant and the characters were amazing. Personally, if it weren't for the iffy controls, it would beat Bad Company 2 and Battlefield 3 together by a landslide. Of all the Battlefield games, I dare to say it, Bad Company 1 was the most complete package of all and probably the best one.

MWong2892d ago

At least BF4 single player looks to be written better so far.

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FrigidDARKNESS2894d ago

Dice has taken some of the multiplayer elements and put them into the single player.

Shadonic2894d ago

No I want single player -_-

dvewlsh2894d ago

Really? Why?

Not trolling, I'm genuinely interested in this. Most people I know don't even touch single player anymore.

Shadonic2894d ago

I like the action experiences that most of the time you can only experience in single player.

Smoovekid2893d ago

The retards who play online and exploit the game.

shivvy242893d ago

I love single player experiences but bf3 was so bad ! They might as well just do mp only since the campaign sucked

ziggurcat2893d ago

don't you think that more people would touch the single player campaign more, and not be considered a "waste of everyone's time and money" if they poured more resources into that part of the game?

i really don't get how people think that repeating the exact same thing every 10 - 20 minutes is somehow better than a single player story campaign.

cellur1112893d ago (Edited 2893d ago )

Unless you play a game like COD, who buys a game and doesn't play singleplayer?

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awi59512893d ago

I want another silly bad company story they took out alot of the silly in the second one. I didnt like that at all why did they change it.

KwietStorm_BLM2893d ago

I don't know what the push is with single player either. I'm fine with a single player game that has a good story, but THIS particular game just doesn't need it, as most shooters don't have memorable campaigns. It's usually the shooters that are single player only, that are worth the time. Battlefield is really all about the multiplayer. The campaign worked in Bad Company because the characters had character, but even then, it's not something that really leaves its mark over the years.

Gazondaily2893d ago

Yeah exactly. People seem to have forgotten that Battlefield 2 didn't have a single player mode and that game is heralded by many as the best in the series.

The reason why the single player is necessary is simply because of the game's release on consoles, I believe.

But hey, DICE have hopefully learnt their lesson with Battlefield 3. The gameplay demo sure looked amazing for BF4's single player. Well so did battlefield 3's when they first showed it off. I watched that trailer over and over again. Let's hope the campaign plays better this time.

B-radical2893d ago

I would love for battlefield 4 to have bot support

HammadTheBeast2893d ago

BF2 did have SP. It had bots and AI.

Gazondaily2893d ago

Bots and AI don't constitute a single player mode now do they?