Learn to make a wall holder for PS3 controller

PS3fanboy writes:

Uneventful weekend? Need something to do? Perhaps you might want to bring out the craftsman within and make a wall-mounted holder for your PS3 controller. It's a good time to start, especially now that you'll need extra space for that brand new DualShock 3. Or, maybe you just want to stylize your living room with some haute couture. Well, whatever fits your fancy.

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andrewf913874d ago

it's a pretty cleaver DIY, now I won't lose my controllers when my cousins come over

Frnicatr3874d ago

how about a wall holder for the whole system?

Utalkin2me3873d ago

I tried that and the system pulled my wall down...........

ambientFLIER3874d ago

Is this what you guys do while waiting for games to come out? Lol.

JDW3874d ago

I was waiting on someone saying that joke.....but funny all the same. lol

Vitalogy3873d ago

Yeah! That's right, this is a possibility of the things we can do when we wait for games, instead of stare in front of the console wishing that "red light" turn green or something LOOOL

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The story is too old to be commented.