GamesRadar: Destroy All Humans! Path of the Furon - hands on

GamesRadar writes: "Being a human-abducting, DNA-stealing, everything around you blowing-upping alien invader can take a lot out of a guy. Luckily, revenge, intolerance and indignation are wonderful motivators, so it's business as usual for our interstellar overlord Crypto in Destroy All Humans! Path of the Furon. In other words, you're in for dark humor and a huge amount of death and destruction, courtesy of Crypto's superior mental powers, vast collection of ray guns, and very heavily armed flying saucer.

The bombastic third-person action is sticking closely to the series' established mold, but there are several tweaks and expansions that brought devilish smiles to our faces during our hands-on playtest. The story lampoons the '70s now, with Crypto leaving his job as a Las Parody (Vegas, basically) casino manager to figure out why his fellow aliens are now trying to kill him. And obviously, the graphics have improved with the move to PS3 and 360 - the weapons blasts and Crypto's shapeshifting ship are especially pretty. But our favorite addition is a slew of new weapons, especially an awesome new mental ability called the Temporal Fist."

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