GamesRadar: Baja - hands-on - The ultimate off-road racing experience?

GamesRadar writes: "The Baja 1000 hosts some of the most hardcore off-road racing imaginable. In its marquee race, million-dollar cars battle for over 1000 miles, and each year there are reports of booby traps and spectator-created jumps and obstacles - built for their amusement. There are no closed streets - no, these madmen race through civilian traffic.

Just as Baja racing is the ultimate in off-road racing, the MX vs. ATV team is building what they'd like to be the "ultimate off-road game."

The first thing we'd like to stress - Baja is beautiful. The sky is photorealistic, which sometimes looks out of place next to a less-beautifully rendered landscape. It doesn't. The scenery is stunning, and details like birds flying overhead and giant cruise ships parked off-shore make the environments believable and engrossing. Sure, there are a lot of graphically beautiful racers out right now (some perhaps a bit nicer-looking than Baja), but none are as massive and seamless."

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