GamesRadar: Red Faction: Guerilla - hands on - Ripping down buildings with a giant robot? Sign us up!

GamesRadar writes: "We're fresh from our first hands-on time with Red Faction: Guerilla at THQ's Editors Day. We were fortunate enough to have Dan Cermak, Vice President ad developer Volition, to walk us through a small slice of Red Faction: Guerilla's open, destructible world.

Red Faction: Guerilla is the third game set in the Red Faction universe, 50 years after the events of the first game. Mars has been terraformed, and the Earth Defense Force (savior of the first RF) has become Big Brother. They kill the main character's brother while putting down a miners' rebellion, sparking the Red Faction to re-emerge and fight a guerilla war against the sinister EDF.

The goal is to destroy the EDF's infrastructure in order to take back Mars for the People. The more EDF soldiers killed and facilities destroyed, the more locals' morale improves. Improved morale inspires locals to fight alongside you or even to surrender their vehicles to you. Cermak pointed out that destroying the EDF's propaganda trucks will improve morale as well, though none were in evidence in the town we visited."

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