Kenny vs. Spenny Star to Battle Over Xbox Live

Kenny, of Kenny vs. Spenny fame, is going to be doing battle on Xbox Live, not against is usual rival Spencer, but instead against any Xbox Live gamer able to challenge him in Call of Duty 2.

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Mr Murda5394d ago

It's a Canadian reality/game show. There are two best friends, Kenny and Spenny. They challenge each other to crazy competitions each week. The winner gets to choose a public humiliation for the other. Competitions have included "who can stay awake the longest", "who can kiss more girls", "who can live in a van the longest", and many others. Also, you see Kenny playing a lot of XBOX on the show.

GioneBurnz5394d ago

There is a complete episode in the following link:

borgome5394d ago

the best episode was, who could drink more beer, and kenny was drinking 0.5 alc. beer, he made spenny eat what he thought was his own puke, but it was really kenny's puke, awesome, but a pretty stupid show.