Spong: Dr Tanya Byron - The Exit Interview

Spong writes: "Back in September last year it was announced that the government would be launching an independent review of the effects of violent video games and inappropriate web content on children. It looked suspiciously like a cynical attempt to grab some positive mainstream press by jumping on a populist bandwagon. It also looked as if the UK government was looking to start censoring video games with more vigour.

The industry, gamers and the games press became defensive. Then it was announced that a TV psychologist of all people - and, gasp, a woman - would be heading up the report.

The above-mentioned parties became defensive, sceptical and not a little bit patronising. After all, what do TV psychologists and, gasp, women know of the video games world?

Fast forward seven months and the findings of the review, which was conducted by Doctor Tanya Byron, have been published in the report 'Safer Children in the Digital World'"

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