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PSP VS DS Graphics Comparison

From the article:

''Yesterday evening I was attacked by some forum member and this is what he had to say: "Dude, everybody knows that the DS is more than capable of running PSP games". This just proves my point that drugs are bad for you. DS and PSP gamers are well aware of the technical differences between the two handhelds. The thing is how big is the graphical difference really? I'm fully aware that visuals alone do not make a game great but eye candy is always nice to have. Imagine you've purchased this new RPG that offers 4 million hours gameplay but the graphics is butt ugly. You'll be seeing this visual representation throughout the whole game so in my opinion graphics does indeed have major impact on games.''

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VigorousApathy4509d ago

Next can you tackle the druggies that think the iPhone has better graphics than the PSP?

GutZ314509d ago

I have an iphone and a PSP, there is no way, spec wise that the iphone can produce smooth gameplay on par or over what the PSP can.
On the other hand, pixel wise, the iphone does have an advantage, mainly with resolution.

But over all, the PSP still has the advantage.

Fishy Fingers4509d ago

On paper the iphone >potentially< can produce better graphic's than the PSP. But paper and reality are a different matter, only time will tell.

Perhaps the PSP 3000 (rumour) will change that.

gaffyh4509d ago

DS is Ok I am still surprised with how good some games are, but the PSP is a lot better in terms of graphics. Legend of Zelda is probably the best game out for DS at the moment

kspraydad4509d ago

but 'dude', who gives a sh1t about this guys opinion? ... how the hell is this NEWS?

jackdoe4509d ago (Edited 4509d ago )

Lol. Cannot believe some asshole believes that the DS is capable of handling PSP games. I love both of them and own both of them, but I know that the DS is on the technological level of an N64(the Mario 64 port for the DS proves this) while the PSP is on the technological level of a PS2(GoW CoO proves this). Anyway, DS and PSP owners know what they are buying and what their handhelds can do, fanboys not included.

MADGameR4508d ago

DS basically has N64 graphics while PSP handles PS2 graphics.

eagle214509d ago

I love PSP. I had a DS first, but it disappeared :)

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The story is too old to be commented.