Thinking About Buying a Blu-Ray Player?

With the high definition format war officially over, you might be thinking about getting a new Blu-Ray player to go with your new HD TV. While it's true that Blu-Ray has trounced HD DVD and relegated the latter to the annals of loosing formats such as Betamax.

What is Blu-Ray?

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Breakfast3874d ago


yes im immature that way.

crazy250003874d ago

I didnt read the article, but that made me laugh

Sev3874d ago

Way to contribute to the gaming community. Why do you have to be "first" on every article yet you never have anything good to say?

Breakfast3874d ago (Edited 3874d ago )

@ Sev

"Way to contribute to the gaming community."

Are you freakn joking me. Sorry i tried to inject a little funny into the thread before the 'fanboys' jacked it with there pointless bashing.

Look at every single one of my posts, its either making a point or making a funny, or making a point with a joke. How in the hell do you have a problem with that? If your calling me out id like for you to call every single one of the pointless comments on n4g.

Have a sense of humor please

Fishy Fingers3874d ago

I realize it's obvious and probably referenced many time's before, but surely, if you were in the market for a BR player the PS3 would be your first point of call.