Pioneer Drops Plasma but Pushes on Blu-ray

Pioneer has confirmed its intention to cease the in-house production of plasma panels, but will increase its focus on Blu-ray and audio/video products linked with displays.

The company plans to develop next-generation wall-mounted TVs with wireless connections. It will also develop video and audio analysis technologies through research into high picture and sound quality.

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ITR4242d ago

I believe Matsushita aka Panasonic is now making PDP's for Pioneer now.

BilI Gates4242d ago

Pioneer makes the best HDTV's.

FirstknighT4242d ago

Pioneer is not making plasma's anymore? Whoa!

deeznuts4242d ago

They're not making the glass anymore, I think they are going to Panasonic (which happens to be #2 IMO) to source the panels. Everyone knows, plasma picture quality depends on the glass, and the electronics, Pio is going with Panny glass, but still use their own tech for the electronics. It should still be a very good picture. But that remains to be seen.

pwnsause4242d ago

well makes sense, Plasmas dont sell as well as LCDs. they should put their R&D money on OLEDs.

ben8064241d ago

im sure they will be making some nice lcds in the future,