Marvel: Ultimate Alliance Review (Xbox 360)

Marvel Ultimate Alliance is a feature-packed game; one of those rare birds that feels like arcade gaming, but with that next-gen edge that helps to justify $400+ dollars of hardware. It has a few glitches here and there, but the core gameplay is solid and quite entertaining for those that need a little RPG in their action game, or vice-versa. Pick this one up if you favor the Marvel camp (the character selection is excellent), or are just looking for a solid co-op style adventure for you and/or your friends to play.

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speed4472d ago

I've been seeing the TV add for this one and it looks surprisingly good. Maybe it can reedem all of the crappy super hero games of the past.

Alymon4472d ago

Bought this yesterday. It is fun, especially the multiplayer, but there are obvious flaws with the design. This review seems very biased in favor of the game. Things to consider:
1. Co-op over live is 1 person per system. Also, all 4 players are on 1 screen and must stay together on 1 screen, no wandering allowed. Camera angle in online co-op appears to be controlled by everyone (using the same view for everyone as well) so it could lead to some people messing with it and annoying the rest.

2. Some lag and slow down in multiplayer. Had at one point, a lag pause for nearly 15 seconds. It only happened once, and it was never enough to make us stop playing, but it is there.

3. Non-boss fights are repetitive. Boss fights are nice because they involved more than just button mashing.

Overall its a fun game if you've got a group of people to play it with and if you like the super hero genre. Lots of replayability options with this one. Nice achievements, lots of secret achievements.

BoneMagnus4472d ago

I've played through X-Men Legends and have Legends 2 sitting on my shelf unplayed (got it cheap and have been playing other games).

I love these games - a must for my games library, but they don't warrant a full price investment for me.

THE TRUTH4472d ago

Go out and buy this today! 1 player per console just sucks though, and that you can't wander off really limits the environment! Never the less um still a fan of Xmen legends 1 and 2, so um going to play this online! Anyone want to play with me (um topgamer!) my gamertag is sumtynnaztee!

fjtorres4472d ago (Edited 4472d ago )

You don't need live to play co-op...
Anybody who played the Legends games will instantly recognize it, much as Morrowind players recognize Oblivion.
Its updated with improved graphics and tweaked leveling but the gameplay is basically unchanged.
The opening movie in available on marketplace if anybody wants to watch it.
Really good.
There is also a Nightcrawler cutscene with the elf doing his stuff in style.

NextGen24Gamer4471d ago

I'll play with you when I can get my damn son off of it. I bought it today and he has been on it. Its parent teacher conference week so he is out of school. But, yeah. I will look you up and play sometime. I haven't tried it but it looks super fun. Him and his friend have been playing together on the same screen for hours now.