Scary Words: Boston Mayor Wants to Lay Down the (Video Game) Law

Game Politics writes: "Boston news radio station WBZ-1030 has a disturbing interview with Mayor Thomas Menino (left) conducted by on-air personality Laurie Kirby (GP: I can't refer to her as a "reporter" based on the softballs she's tossing to Menino here).

The interview took place on March 17th on the eve of the Massachusetts Legislature's consideration of HB1423. The measure, a video game bill based on the Jack Thompson-authored Louisiana legislation which failed so miserably in federal court in 2006 (see: Judge Trashes Louisiana Government Over Failed Jack Thompson Law, Orders State to Pay Legal Fees), would seek to classify violent video games as "harmful to minors" in the same legal sense as pornography.

Here's the text of the interview (as transcribed by GP). Note that Menino speaks of the proposed law as a "ban" throughout the interview and, amazingly, expresses a desire to enforce a lifestyle change on game players.

He also seems to be bothered by the image of kids playing handheld systems, as he references it at several different points in the interview."

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