Stretching Sixty Bucks: The Guide To Gaming Deals

Game Informer writes: "It's no secret that the United States is currently in the midst of some…interesting…economic times. Rather than dwell on whether what we're currently experiencing is or is not an actual recession, we'd rather focus on something a little more fun: Games! The fact that this is something that actually falls within our area of expertise doesn't hurt, either.

For this feature, let's assume a few things: One, you're not made of money. Or, in the unlikely event that you are made of money, let's say you don't want to spend unnecessarily large amounts of it on frivolous things such as video games. Two, let's say that, keeping with the first bit, you have a budget of 60 dollars. Depending on your situation, that could actually be a significant chunk of change. That's why we're going to help you squeeze every drop out of it. Finally, let's limit your purchases to new retail games only-nothing that can be downloaded. And not new as in "games that came out within the past XX months," but new as in "You can go to a store and buy an unopened, shrink-wrapped copy of the game." The secondary market, which includes yard sales, pawnshops, some specialty retailers and others, is a good way to get some great deals, but prices can vary so wildly between them that it's not a reliable way to plan our mini spending spree. We're also going to spend most of our attention on the console market for this feature, but we'll return in a while with an eye toward PC and handheld gaming on a similar budget."

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