F.E.A.R. Review

Monolith Productions developed a love it or leave it title for the launch of Xbox 360 last year by the name of Condemned: Criminal Origins. While some loved the eerie presentation, others couldn't get past the slow melee combat. At the same time, and using some of the same development tools and assets, Monolith was also putting together a game for the PC called F.E.A.R. This critically acclaimed game had all of the spooky atmosphere of Condemned with some phenomenal AI, intense action and excellent graphics and sound. A year later, F.E.A.R. has found its way to Xbox 360 courtesy of Day 1, maintaining the excellent atmosphere and fast-paced combat giving console shooter fans the opportunity to experience one outstanding game.

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zypher4467d ago

eh, my demo of F.E.A.R. will have to suffice until i've beaten GOW. after that i'll probably give it a try, depending on my FFXII, Double Agent and Shadow of the Colossus schedule. kudos to the 9.1 score, btw.

kmis874467d ago

People who missed it on the pc one year ago should have fun. It was a pretty good game.

drewdrakes4467d ago

I played it alone in the dark at night, this is not recommended unless you enjoy being afraid. HAHa but it is truly a great game, people who are getting a PS3 and/or Xbox 360, get this game!

Marriot VP4467d ago

honestly guys is this game scary, it'd be nice to have a scary game among my GOW, Mass Effect, COD3, and many more once I get some money

BoneMagnus4466d ago

I'm being forced to prioritize my purchases as personal funds become available.

I'm waiting until all are out before making my final list - though I've already reserved Gears and Zelda:TP for the 'Cube.

InMyOpinion4466d ago

The lame graphics scares me haha! It looks even worse than Condemned.

TheMART4466d ago

Are you kidding me kid? Must be a Sony fanboy:

"As we've stated before, the graphics are a sight to behold. Although the environments are repetitive, a great attention to detail is present that brings the world to life. Everything looks realistic with great models and textures, making the imagery that much more disturbing. The lighting keeps you in the dark, pun intended, as to what you'll come across next. It encourages you to explore nooks with your flashlight in hopes of finding just one more health pack. The lighting also adds enough to the atmosphere to keep you on the edge of your seat and isn't just there for looks. You'll find many of the lighting tricks help add to the sense of impending danger that comes so often throughout F.E.A.R.

If the graphics are good, the sound is exceptional. Put this game in a home theater that can handle 5.1 surround sound and you have one great auditory experience."

Maybe you played the old E3 demo if you have a 360 and yup that one is from more then a half year ago.

If I read IGN's review and they give it a 9.1 it's damn nice. And up to PC's visuals.

Condemned look good already though, but this will go well beyond it in terms of graphics.

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