UT3 on Xbox 360, "coming along really nicely"

From the article:

''Responding to a thread on the official Epic Games forums regarding a rumored May release for the Xbox 360 version of Unreal Tournament III, Epic's Mark Rein responded that no release date has been set.''

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sonarus4475d ago

No doubt about that, but the real question is will it have mods?

Breakfast4475d ago

It would suck if they didnt put in the mod support. The least they can do is put pre-existing mods on xbl or something....dont get any ideas MS, i meant for them to be free.

InMyOpinion4475d ago

True. I have another worry too. Will there be room for it? The multiplayer FPS genre seems kinda saturated on the 360.

sonarus4475d ago

actually not really. UT3 will still have its fans. UT3 won't appeal to all shooter lovers but the frantic gameplay will appeal to some. IMO UT3 is a stand out shooter. At least stand out enough to separate itself from the rest of the herd

InMyOpinion4475d ago

I get your point, and I agree somewhat but think the biggest audience for games like UT3 are on the PC.

Gears of War 2 isn't that far away either. Not the same type of game, but similar in many ways and also a big multiplayer title. The next multiplayer FPS title I'll be picking up is Battlefield: Bad Company.

EZCheez4475d ago

I honestly would not be playing this game anymore if it weren't for the mods. Every new great mod breathes some more life into this game.

wageslave4474d ago


Perhaps they can use XNA Community to distrubute mods.

The community could manage them, and they wouldnt need an extra "distribution method".

Nice and easy.

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Rikitatsu4475d ago

Epic better add a lots of extra content to it

bootsielon4474d ago

Where? It won't fit on a DVD9. I remind you that a multiple disc solution wouldn't work on a multiplayer (mostly) game =(

toughNAME4474d ago

It seems Epic didn't put much effort into this UT, they have much bigger things on their plate =)

INehalemEXI4474d ago

Epic tried but where blocked by MS on the Mod issue.

zen_fart4475d ago

cant wait to see a heavenly sword mod for UT3 on 360. uriko has nice tits

RIPHDDVD4475d ago

Sorry but the 360 version doesn't have mod support.

sonarus4475d ago

hahaha so many errors in one comment.

RIPHDDVD4475d ago (Edited 4475d ago )

LOL what's even the point in porting UT3 for 360 when it doesn't even have mod support?

^ This website shows all the free stuff PS3 owners have been getting since the release of UT3 on PS3. We already have over a 100 maps, tons of character skins, tons of mutators, different game modes, and etc.

Not to mention our version shipped with over 40 maps.

Sorry but the content in the 360 version will be laughable in comparison to the PS3 version. It's too late for 360.

tordavis4474d ago

Mod support isn't necessary. The game will be great on its own.

INehalemEXI4474d ago

Not really I would not play a UT3 with out mod support thats just not right.

zonetrooper54475d ago

The last I heard MS said that mods would have to be put through the publishers server to test them, which is better but not as great as the PS3 version.