Full Auto Developer Pseudo Interactive Shuts Down

1UP has learned that as of today Pseudo Interactive, the developer behind the Full Auto series, has ceased operations.

The Toronto-based company, which employed over fifty people as of 2006, recently suffered major layoffs when Eidos and parent company SCi scrapped several projects -- including an unnamed title that Pseudo Interactive was working on. The developer tried to push on after the bad news, but clearly their efforts couldn't hold up.

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GameDev3850d ago

Full auto was pure crap

Richdad3850d ago

It was a scrap but good chance for some other studios to gather vet Devs for less price. But I would still say Dynasty Warriors was and is a bigger trash than me. It was good in PS2 and then started declining and now its horrible.

ScottEFresh3850d ago

I'm one of the rare people who actually enjoyed Full Auto 2 on the PS3. It was fun single and multiplayer. OF course it had its flaws but it was still a fun game.

TomMcBaum3850d ago

According to Andrew Rudson, the guy behind the Rock Band drum hack for PC....