Sony Apologizes for Battery Recall

Sony executives apologized Tuesday for inconvenience caused by a massive global recall in laptop batteries, but said the problems were now fixed and that none of the company's top leaders would resign over the incident.

The embarrassing spate of battery recalls that is threatening to tarnish the once impeccable Sony brand power is coming at a time when Sony has been struggling to turn around its core electronics business.

It could hurt the Japanese electronics and entertainment company's sales during the critical year-end shopping season. For some, Sony's woes have shaken this nation's confidence in its long prized manufacturing prowess.

Sony slashed its profit forecasts last week, citing the battery recall as well as price cuts in Japan for the next-generation PlayStation 3 video game console. Sony expects an 80 billion yen ($673 million) profit for the fiscal year through March 2007, down 38 percent from its projection in July.

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Islandkiwi4473d ago

Interesting that this article mentions no one is stepping down. Japanese industry used to be very different, losing face was devastating to the employees and the higher-ups used to resign out of shame that something happened on their watch. There was a genuine belief that you were a worker, and you existed to advance the company. If someone needed to throw themselves on a land mine, that is what you did.

This response closely reflects western business practices...or maybe eastern business culture has changed considerably.

shotty4473d ago

Lets just hope the controller don't have their batteries.

Sexius Maximus4472d ago

but I bet they'll have a Cell recall in the future too.

DEIx15x84472d ago

You can apologize all you want but you deserve to be blown up! When every company using your batteries puts out a recall because they blow up and pictures of your own laptops after the batteries have exploded are all over the Internet and you still think you can lie and say you have no problem you need to experience the problem. No company with this many people telling them what to do should have to wait for the US Government to force them to recall them. That is just pathetic management that deserves to be fired and blown up.