Joystiq hands-on: De Blob

Zack Stern of Joystiq writes: "In this cute game, players splatter color over a whitewashed world. That's mostly it, all of the buildings, roads, trees, and other objects are blank, and its up to you to colorize the surroundings. The analog stick steers the blob character, while flicks with the Wiimote jump or perform other actions. The D-pad can change the camera angle, but it usually stayed in a clear position when I recently played.

As I rolled and bounced around the world, the blob trailed his current color. If I touched a building while red, the splotch would spread over the entire structure. Eventually I'd run out of paint, or if I fell into water, it washed away. So I'd find another paint bucket, bop it, and add more color. Most of the levels seem like a race to color the fastest, although a two-player match-up adds a little more depth."

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