Game Informer: THQ Struts Its Stuff Gamers Day Style

It's sunny and 75 here in San Francisco, and when the weather is this gorgeous there's only one thing to do-cram inside of a small venue and play video games!Game Informer is out in the bay area for THQ's annual gamers day to check out what the ever-changing publisher has in store for the near future. After opening remarks, Game Informer was treated to a few videos of the games that awaited them in the next room over-but before they could get to that, the company had a small surprise in the form of a very short teaser trailer to announce Warhammer 40,000: Dawn of War II from Relic. The CGI trailer showed a hero space marine going toe-to-toe with a giant orc using, yep, warhammers. After being assured that's all they'd get to see, it was time to shuffle in and check out the line-up.

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wiizy3939d ago

thq is really improving. hope they bring some of the shooters and adult games to wii also.