Game Informer: UFO - Destroy All Humans: Path of the Furon Preview

Game Informer writes: "Destroy All Humans is back in another reincarnation of the comedic series, this time taking place in the 1970s. The first two games took us through the conservative '50s and the swinging '60s, and now we are on the path to enlightenment in the '70s. If we took anything away from this one-on-one showing of Path of the Furon – it is that the latest installment features even more ways to create mayhem and wreak havoc. Confirmed for both the Xbox 360 and the PlayStation 3, Path of the Furon takes Crypto on a journey to gain enlightenment from an alien Kung Fu master, in order to gain powers that will allow him to save the Furon race once again.

Five new locations boast an open-world style of gameplay. Crypto can visit Las Paradiso, Sunnywood, Shen Long, Belleville and Nexo – most of which are parodies of famous existing cities."

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