Game Informer: Tempting Players Back: The Two Worlds Interview

When Two Worlds was released last August, it created a buzz from gamers looking for another large, open-world RPG. That initial interest was quickly replaced with a backlash, as players encountered myriad bugs, strange player models and dialogue that was odd, to say the least. That response hasn't stopped the team from working on a sequel to the game, though. Rather than simply adding a few new weapons and a new setting and calling it good, however, the developers say they're taking criticism to heart and examing where things went wrong before. Game Informer talked with James Seaman, managing director of Topware Interactive, about Two Worlds: The Temptation to get his take on player feedback, customization and much more.

GI: Can you talk a little bit about the updates to the combat system? What's being improved? Players will be able to manually block attacks now, right?

Seaman: Correct, blocking will be something the player actively participates in this time. Also, we're making disarming more visually apparent. If you disarm an opponent, you'll see the weapon fly out of their hands and fall to the ground, but I should add that you can be disarmed as well. We're also going to completely rework mounted combat with improved animations and hit detection.

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