100 Reasons to own a PSP console

As reported in the article:

''100 reasons isn't such an easy task as you might come to think. Yeah sure we can list a truck load of great selling games but that would defeat the object here. The reasons also had to exclude homebrew making the list even harder to compile.We however decided to take the challenge...''

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Archaeox4237d ago

My personal OPINION is PSP games are better than DS games

Plus, In my OPINION, Nintendo isn't very good at online play

sumfood4u4237d ago

PSP on the other hand FF7 & GOW an others Rock!

Mikelarry4237d ago

am thinking of getting a psp but i dont think i would use it

jadenkorri4237d ago

both are great handhelds, thou psp outshines the ds with loads of extra features in comparison to the ds...
game wise, psp has games that interest me more than whats on the ds.

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The story is too old to be commented.