Nyko shipping its Rock Band / Guitar Hero III compatible PS3 wireless guitar

Engadget writes: "While we fully support a baseless and antagonistic war between Rock Band and Guitar Hero III fanboys, Nyko has those profit margins to worry about. The new Front Man wireless guitar for the PS3 works with both games, and can be switched via that fancy red stomp box. Wireless range is about 25 feet, and you can get about 80 hours of rock out of the thing before you need to swap the batteries. You know, the batteries of rock and roll. Too bad the guitar costs $60, what most retailers are charging for the first party controllers."

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solar3945d ago

ill be checking this out. hopefully the strum bar is more like the les paul guitar.

Jamegohanssj53945d ago

I hope that Wal-Mart gets this in, so I can pick it up.

The Genius has spoken.

ELite_Ghost3945d ago (Edited 3945d ago )

LOL wal-mart!!!

c-redz3942d ago

has anybody seen this yet in the stores!!!!!