Crysis and CoD 4 rendered by the CPU

Some days ago, the software rasterizer Swiftshader from Transgaming was released as a demo. It's way than the software rasterizer from Microsoft itself. Currently, Swiftshader supports Shader Model 2.0 which means that a lot of DX9 games work solely on the main processor. The CPU does all the computation in this case like pixel shading, texture filtering and transform and lighting.

German website PCGH.de did some benchmarks (3DMark, Crysis) and shows the visual difference when rendered with the CPU compared to the GPU. So maybe this is a trend like raytracing? Who knows...

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Harry1905895d ago

better in the top images.
Can someone explain to me how this works,
i'm not a big techie.

JsonHenry5894d ago

Maybe combine this WITH GPU acceleration and we got ourselves a winner folks!

Marceles5894d ago (Edited 5894d ago )

Usually a GPU (video card) is needed to render the game's graphics, but in this case because of Swiftshader, the CPU (processor) is able to render the graphics by itself without needed the help of the GPU. Of course the GPU's graphics are gonna look better than the CPU, that's its job, but the bottom image is still impressive considering that it's able to render Crysis and COD4 without aid since rendering graphics isn't normally the CPU's job. This just gives you an idea that if you had a Core 2 Quad processor without a video card, how well it could handle graphics without the aid of the GPU.

Supposedly the Cell processor on the PS3 can render graphics as well without needing the RSX.

Richdad5894d ago

Be benifical for PC in the first place because in a year or 2 PC Cpu will be all 8 cores with very high processing speed and cache.

JsonHenry5894d ago

Well, what I meant was that if you have extra cores laying around and you combined the software/CPU rendering with GPU aided effects it would make your machine more powerful automatically by simply adding support for the CPU to help render the frames.

And yeah, the CELL was made to render graphics. But apparently it was not that great at it in its current form or else Sony would have never bothered paying Nvidia a royalty fee for every PS3 sold.

travelguy2k5894d ago

was originally supposed to have 2 cell processors and i think a) because of the cost of the cell at that point, B) the power consumption of that size of die was too high, and c) the heat produced by the cell used at that time was too high.

so with all these reasons against 2 cells in the PS3 we now have the RSX. If the PS3 was released today then we would get to cells and no RSX because all these issues have been fixed.

Marceles5893d ago

travelguy2k you're right about everything, Kutaragi said it was supposed to have 2 Cell processors but he overestimated how well it could handle graphics without a GPU. I only wish the RSX would've been based on the G80 Nvidia series, but if the graphics from future PS3 games truly look like how we've been seeing on previews I don't think it would make much of a difference

jsonhenry you're also right with combining the fact that the CPU + GPU together makes the machines much more powerful, and with the PS3 being able to do that, I think alot of people who don't understand are underestimating the PS3's graphics potential

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Solid_Malone5894d ago

GPU seems to be the best- you can tell from the lighting

Richdad5894d ago

GPU rendered is easily looking better. But this give new tools to dev although this software needs more work.

Daishi5894d ago

The main point of this demonstration isn't that they plan to run games on CPU alone but better cooperation between CPU and GPU. Imagine running Crysis at max with a 128mb video card...

jackdoe5894d ago

GPU seems to be the better, though CPU rendering comes close. Anyway, those Crysis shots look like its running on medium settings.

poopsack5894d ago (Edited 5894d ago )

does that mean i can now run these on my computer? it can do everything except shaders (it has 00) so i dont know, not really i wiz on pc gaming. can someone please explain?

Is this all hardware?

tweaker5894d ago

This is great! Imagine the fastest CPU working with a top of the line graphics card at the same time. Graphics would be dramatically superior from consoles. I'd get serious with PC gaming all over again.