25 adults-only moments in Nintendo

Warning: For those who haven't finished Super Mario Galaxy, you might want to not read this.

Troublesome cameras, rotten language and bare breasts: not things you'd normally associate with a Nintendo game.

Okay, some of these occur in third-party titles, but the important fact is that each one carries the Original Nintendo Seal of Quality.

And that means Nintendo approved them all. Not so bad for a company famous for its censorship back in the early nineties, huh?

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Vicophine4480d ago

Scientist Slaughter - Goldeneye

If Rare didn't want you to kill the scientists in the Facility, why did they make it so much fun?

Shooting hats off guards is all well and good, but it's nothing compared to holding the brainiacs at gunpoint and then dying their white uniforms red by using their limbs and torsos as target practice. Fun times.

I literally did that for DAYS back in the day.

Ballistic Jay4480d ago

"Horrific bowser skeleton? Offensive DK Rap?" What?!?!

icantdie3274480d ago

is the gamecube game bmx xxx censored!!!
i neeed that game!

TheWickedOne4480d ago

I faintly remember playing that. The version I had was censored. But still good fun at that age.

Hellgiver4479d ago

No Mortal Kombat? No Killer Instinct (especially)? COME ON!!!
KI:Gold was one of the best macabre experiences ever. If something like DK Rap is on there, this should be.