8 new crimes that'll be blamed on GTA IV

GamesRadar reports:

''Every time someone under 30 commits a high-profile crime, gamers (the ones who pay attention to the news, anyway) tend to brace instinctively for the media to make the inevitable "videogame link." And aside from perhaps 1993's Doom, no games get linked to crimes more often than the Grand Theft Auto series, a favorite target for nongaming technophobes who enjoy ranting publicly about perceived threats to children.

When Grand Theft Auto IV hits at the end of this month, however, we fully expect the moral-panic machine to kick into high gear. In addition to being deeper and better-looking than the previous entries, GTA IV is one of the most convincing virtual worlds we've ever seen. And while the added realism makes a lot of its violence more unsettling than cool, we have every confidence that we'll soon be seeing all sorts of misconception-riddled stories about how GTA IV glorifies and inspires horrific crimes.''

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CrazyMystical4245d ago

well all the media is going to do is increase R* sale numbers

+1 for R*

Archaeox4244d ago

Lets hope this won't become another Mass Effect, where stores will pull the game off the shelves because of the media

Jinxstar4244d ago

Thats why we gotta pick it up opening day =D So when we find another "Hot Coffee" or something we will have access.

RJ20004244d ago

Ha yeah well the "Hot Coffee" thing took a long time to be found. We got plenty of time before they come into our houses to try to take this game back. Plus Clinton wont be president so we dont have as much to worry about. haha

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The story is too old to be commented.