How Metal Gear Solid has changed over the years gameplay and graphics

Let's go back in time, and take a look at how Metal Gear Solid has evolved in terms of graphics and technology. The first ever Metal Gear game appeared in 1987 on the MSX2 computer and was released in Japan and Europe. Metal Gear was one of the first games to use stealth. Metal Gear was later released in North America, Europe and Japan on the NES, selling a massive 1 million units. Boasting good graphics for its time and exciting gameplay as no one has witnessed stealth games before.

Click through to see screenshots of all the metal gear games and the rest of the article.

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Harry1903851d ago

that it remained a symbol of quality.

Young Capwn3851d ago

I must agree, it is by far my favorite series of games. Im almost sad MGS4 is here because i dont want it to be over! I wish i never played any of the games so i can play them all over aqgain and enjoy them.

thor3851d ago

One major thing that changed through the series was that the plotline got more and more convoluted in each iteration ;)

I had to play through MGS2 like 5 times until I understood what was going on... what does S3 stand for again? And who are the patriots? AI...?

LastDance3851d ago

Ive been finishing it regularly since it came out and i still have no idea what the hell happened.

DiabloRising3851d ago

S3 stands for Selection for Societal Sanity, a system designed to control the flow of digital information and sculpt the history and future of society and thus humanity by selectively deleting information that the Patriots deem harmful.

The Patriots are not AI.

JadeTyrant3851d ago

never could get into metal gear only because i didn't like the camera. But i did play MGS3:subsistence and it was pretty good. i know i'll give MGS4 a run through.

DiabloRising3851d ago

Wow, what a shallow article with such stock images. Lame. And anyone who needs clarification on the story, like you Thor, I suggest check out the fruits of our labor.

Should clue you in and get you ready for MGS4.

Mr_Kuwabara3851d ago

Graphics are one thing but till this day, I can't say which of the MGS games is my favorite since story wise and gameplay wise, they were all awesome IMO.

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