See PSM3's PS3 in action! Movies here!

Recorded yesterday Tuesday 24 October, here are THREE movies of PSM3 getting to grips with PS3.

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The_Firestarter4465d ago

Now we don't have to hear anymore complaining from The Mart saying that we need to see actual videos of the system. Happy now?

Anyways, I loved watching this thing turn off and on. No clicky-clicky like the 360, just smooth touch-sensitive buttons. I'm also dumbfounded by how quite the system is. I could barely hear it. SWEET! I can't wait for the PS3 to come out. I KNOW that I'm not gonna get it this holiday season, but I'll get it next year. Just knowing that it's out, it's running smoothly, and that other people are already playing it makes me happy! Thanks Sony! ^__^

By the way, I don't have a problem with Microsoft as a company, but I'm just sick of 360 fanboys constantly bashing the PS3. PEACE!

DEIx15x84465d ago

It seemed like they needed to sync the controller every time they started up. Is that the way it is really going to be, that could get annoying.
Those buttons are a terrible idea. Apple first used that type of button over 6 years ago on the G4 Cube as well as their first lcds and they are annoying. Some (usually the LCDs) tend to be troublesome to turn on while others (my school has a cube in the library) turn on and off like there is a ghost in the room. That thing would be impossible to clean without accidently tuning on and then getting stuck waiting to load. Real buttons feel like something and are less prone to accidental pressing.

HyperBear4465d ago

And you plug it in, and turn everything on for the 1st time, then the controller will take a while to recognize the PS3 and then remember for that particular PS3. Cause with no sync button, basically any PS3 controller can turn on any PS3, so if you live in a town house, and you have a PS3 and the person beside you has a PS3, then either PS3 controllers could turn on either system, that is why at the beginning the controllers have to wirlessly syncronize to the closet PS3, hopefully yours, so that it will only turn on Your PS3, when you push it. But he even showed you, after it has syncronized, that it takes like 2 secs for it to be lit up as Controller #1, so thats how that works. And actually it wouldnt be hard to clean it, if thats what you wree talking about the buttons (the touch-screen). Cause you have to touch it for a couple seconds, so if your just wiping off the finger marks(and who wouldnt be doing that) then it would be alright. Again as shown in the video, he held it for approx. 2-3secs. so even if you just briefly swipe it with a cloth or rag, it wont turn it on. Its like the 360 guide button. You have to hold the guide button for a little longer than 1 second to turn it off. So same idea. But I dont see any problems with it, nice vid's and nice system, ITS SOO SHINY.

4me24465d ago

I believe that buttons are temperature sensitive so actually part of (A)LIVE human must touch it to operate.

12Volt4464d ago

Heat and Time turn it on.

HyperBear4465d ago

those videos made me want a PS3 ever so much, but im still on theMart sides just a little bit(not by much, cause he hates the PS3 and i dont). But I still dont know why they dont show game footage. It looked like he was going to play Genji for a sec there, but then shut the system down, and ejected the disc. So other than not showing game footage, which i want to see, those videos were pretty sweet. They tell you everything from how the system turns on thru touch screen on the system or thru PS Button on Controller, and the eject and slot load player and all this stuff. Good to see PS3's getting out there and video taped, Now lets just show some god damn In-Game footage here.

12Volt4464d ago

The reason you didnt get to see the game is because those guys are working 24/7 right now on their next issue, which by their excitement looks like "the PS3 strikes back!" kind of issue.. GIANT.

CAPS LOCK4465d ago

i think they couldnt show genji because of copyright issues. so i think they need to get permission first then they could show us gameplay videos of those games.
the videos were cool, keep the coming and show us more online features and psp connectivity.