The 10 most overlooked PSP games

From the article:

''As we all know the PSP is filled with great titles such as God of War, Final Fantasy, Patapon, Wipeout, Monster Hunter and Metal Gear Solid. While these games currently own the PSP there are some real true gems that people tend to overlook. After hours of forum discussions and reading user reviews we narrowed it down to the ten following games....''

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DRUDOG4245d ago

I've yet to try any on that list although I've got Dungeon Siege sitting there staring at me waiting to be played. I love my PSP, just finished GoW and it was incredible. Anyone played Brave New World? I've had my eye on it, but wasn't sure. Is it turn-based or more action RPG?

SUP3R4245d ago

I had my PSP all this time and I never knew it had all those RPG's.
Usually when I go to GameStop I don't see anything other than FF and some tactical RPG's. I'm not really in the mood to play those.
But this list pointed out some cool turn based RPG's that I have to go looking for today.

Skerj4245d ago

Yeah PSP has a ton of RPGs that never get looked at. I think it's because a lot of major stores get sold out and don't get their stocks replenished so you never see just how many games the PSP has unless you go online or know exactly what you're looking for.

Skerj4245d ago

I have all of those except the Dungeon Siege game and Thrillville but yeah, they're all awesome. Kingdom of Paradise was also a pretty good early PSP game too and there are tons more.

kingme714244d ago

I'd be curious to know others you liked not on that list? I've had a PSP for short while and looking to add more quality games to it.

BlackIceJoe4245d ago

I really enjoyed Brave Story. There was little neat things like the main characters dog's name was Kratos. He loves his PSP. Just little things like that. Valkerie Profile Lenneth was also good. I mostly liked it for the cut scenes. I wasn't that great at the game so seeing the nice cut scenes were really cool. Plus Megaman: Powered Up with its level editer were really cool too.