20 Best Real time Strategy Games of All Time

Chillopedia: Strategy games hold particular importance for the gaming community as these type of games involve a lot of thinking and require wit to outsmart the enemy. And that’s exactly what makes them so exciting. The feeling of outsmarting another person or even AI is heavenly for any gamer.

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Axe992582d ago

Not a bad article, although the list contains two turn-based strategy games, which are _not_ RTS titles.

3-4-52581d ago

Decent list.

Total War: Rome 2 is about to be #1 on that list though.

Axe992581d ago

Aye, tbh list was a bit nostalgia-heavy (which is legitimate, no rules against that) but the later total wars were better put together.

_QQ_2582d ago

Number 1 Should be Starcraft1, Sc2 would be Number 2.

amuadiv2581d ago

Warcraft 2 was my all time favorite.
I remember many days spent skipping school and playing multilayer on

Firan2581d ago

Anyone remember the legendary Dune II? Such a great game and I wish they would make a new Dune RTS.

Axe992581d ago

Too right, half the games on that list, including the 'crafts', owe most of their gameplay mechanics to the venerable Dune 2. It's a bit of an ommission, actually, given the list is so nostalgia-based.

MrTrololo2581d ago

Command & Conquer Zero Hour is my most favourite strategy games next to warcraft 3. Wish blizzard would make warcraft 4

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