10 Freeware Applications Every Mac Should Have

The great thing about freeware applications is, they are free. That is good because it gives people the opportunity to try the software, and if they don't like it, they can just delete it. Here are ten applications:

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decapitator3851d ago

Firefox is a no brainer. Anybody with a PC or Mac should have that as their default browser.

Bonsai12143851d ago

i wholly disagree. unless you actually have a use for all the plugins that firefox offers, there's no other reason to get it. if all you need is an internet browser, safari is sufficient. i have yet to come upon a website that safari screws up rendering for.

Adium is simply the best chat client out there. every protocol, limitless customization.
Quicksilver makes life so much easier, especially if you have a laptop. it basically eliminates the use of the mouse in most cases.

open office i've found in my experience is a little laggy and slow compared to iwork. but its free, so i'm not complaining.

VLC isn't really necessary if you get the perian plugin for quicktime. the 1.1 release of perian does everything better than vlc, including rendering of stylized subtitles.

solidt123851d ago

Firefox is way better than IE. I love it.

TheExodus3851d ago (Edited 3851d ago )

I can't believe iSquint made the list given how much better at DVD conversion HandBrake is.

jaja14343851d ago

Actually I prefer Windows Media Classic not to be confused with WMP11.

cokzilla233851d ago

does anybody know of a chat service that will allow me to use my webcam and mic on my mac. i tried mercury but i cant get the mic to work. does anyone know if adium can do both or if i might be doing something wrong with mercury?

Bonsai12143851d ago

adium in its current form doesn't have video chat. not sure about voice chat though.

and jaja, its media player classic. :-)

CRIMS0N_W0LF3850d ago

macs come with firefox...