PS4 Hands-On: DRIVECLUB Gameplay and Interview

Hollie talks DRIVECLUB with community manager Jamie, whilst Rob gets his hands on it.

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lsujester4013d ago

Definitely looking better than the E3 demo. Still hard to tell a lot detail through the YouTube blurrifier.

ZodTheRipper4013d ago (Edited 4013d ago )

It is the E3 demo, the video quality is just much better. But there really shouldn't be that much discussions about the graphics at this point in development.

wishingW3L4013d ago

the first half is the demo from the PS4 reveal and the last couple of shots are from the E3 demo.

lsujester4013d ago (Edited 4013d ago )

I did just mean that this video looks better than the ones that had been releasing around E3. Really need some footage directly pulled that we can download and watch.

Edited for clarity of thought.

black0o4013d ago

it the same demo from E3 except with better camera, i think sony doesn't want to release any demo footage until they set on the frame rate and get near the final version ..

WarThunder4012d ago

I like the onboard reflection on the windshield...

Looks fantastic.

DOMination-4012d ago

Shouldn't be judged at this point in development? Isn't it out in 3-4 months?

I haven't seen the videos. Theymay be amazing, they may be terrible. But the devs have come out with worrying sstatements. It's out in a months and its only 35% complete? They don't have an fps target yet?? Still only off screen footage available??? This game sounds nowhere near complete to me.

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LuditPRIME4013d ago

Good gameplay possibly ground breaking. But the standard of other racers visually leaves this in there dust. Hope it makes the jump to match the very first trailers level of polish.

dantesparda4012d ago

Neither game (Forza or DC) look particularly much better than current gen right now. As a matter of fact, the only game that really looks next gen to me was the city level on KZ. Other than that the rest of these next gen games just look higher res version of current gen games. Im sure that will change by the 2nd generation of games, but right now they just aren't. And that is quite normal actually, happens every gen.

Ju4012d ago (Edited 4012d ago )

^^ You are out of your mind. Or you haven't played the PS3 in a while (or the 360).

gunnerforlife4013d ago

the more he was talking the Redder his Ears got :')

the game looks great so far! 3-4 months till release and im sure theyll be able to make it look superb!

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CRAIG6674012d ago

Can't wait to get this, as I have said before, I love GT and Forza but this looks like the breath of fresh air I have been wanting for a long time...

LackTrue4K4012d ago

the game looks good!
i really like the draw distances on the road, it makes it look like im really driving up/into the mountains the in the back ground. :)

CapsuleMonkey4012d ago

Wow, I'm really interested in this, the graphics, gameplay, and sound. Finally a racing sim that might actually take Forza's crown away.

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Yo Mama4013d ago

I'm going to try out the PS+ version first. If it handles better and more casually than GT, I'll wind up buying the full version. I like my racers to feel more arcadish.

mrmancs4013d ago

Yeah arcade is the way to go until turismo ps4 version arrives to fill the needs of the serious simulation racing , by which time evolution may be on the way to delivering a update of their classic motorstorm for ps4!imagine what that. And boy what will that look like?! Driving through tropical storms and flying through waterfalls the size of Niagara , oh yeahhhhh.
Bring it on.

dcj05244013d ago

Have you seen the particle effects in bf4? Imagine motor storm with the dirt as particles instead of 2D textures. The mud would look real and react accordingly. Still want a motor storm on the VITA. Need that on the go.

kneon4013d ago (Edited 4013d ago )

Even though it has the sort of game play I've been asking for in gt endurance races, I won't be buying this game exactly because it's an arcade racer. I want my racers as realistic as possible.

rezzah4012d ago

it was said to be a driving game that feels like it is a mixture of both a simulation and arcade game.

mrmancs4013d ago

Excuse the bad editing , first time post , all the butt hurt complainers.....peace.

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They are not "butt hurt complainers"...they are just doing their job as approvers for articles. There are rules and guidelines to be followed. Don't take it personal, just fix and move on.

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No no one is butthurt. We are just doing our job on N4G. SO fix theses PLEASE

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<iframe width="640" height="360" src=" https://www .youtube. com/embed/LI-JzjkbIzo?feature= player_detailpage" frameborder="0" allowfullscreen></iframe >

That is the code to embed this video. Just copy and paste that into the box where it says the code should go.


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<iframe width="640" height="360" src=" https://*** .youtube.***/embed/LI-JzjkbIzo ?feature= player_detailpage" frameborder="0" allowfullscreen></iframe >

WHERE THE STARS ARE ADD www okay since the link would be shortended if i put www in the first 3 starts and com in the second set of starts so it would be www.youtube.com not ***.youtube.*** and also remove the space between the first * and the dot

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M-M4013d ago

Why was this posted again? I'm pretty sure this was approved before in the past.

M-M4013d ago

For the people disagreeing with me, when was this video uploaded? What's today's date compared to that of the video?