God Eater 2 Overtakes Monster Hunter 4 on Amazon JP Best Sellers, Did The Vita Find its Killer App?

Japanese PlayStation fans have been left without a Monster Hunter title since the release of Monster Hunter Portable 3rd for PSP and PS3 in 2010 and 1011, and maybe it’s time for them to move to a new monster hunting franchise.

Now it seems they are indeed moving on, at least if the Amazon Japan best sellers charts have to be believed.

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Donnieboi3489d ago

I have God Eater 1 and Monster Hunter for PSP/Vita.

And to be honest, I like them both. The battling is kinda for different tastes. The fighting in God Eater is blazing fast. The battling in Monster Hunter is slow and deliberate (and more emphasis on actual "hunting"). So just because one sells more doesn't mean people moved from one to another. They can find enough variety in both to like both.

But yeah, it's still good news for the Vita and the G.E. series. Hopefully it comes to America.

cleft53489d ago

Yeah I like them both too. But I really loved the actual story telling aspect of God Eater. Really hope this game comes to the west too.

Abriael3489d ago

yeah it's the same for me, the weak story is basically the only thing I can't stand of MH games...

miyamoto3488d ago (Edited 3488d ago )

Maybe Japanese got tired of Monhan & move on?
Did Nintendo paid for no past MH ports too for PS Vita?

HammadTheBeast3489d ago

God Eaters bullet creation system is just awesome.

admiralvic3489d ago

I think giving away Burst (with Plus, which was a late substitute) was their way of gauging interest in God Eater 2 for a US release and or getting people interested in God Eater 2 in the US.

Donnieboi3489d ago

Well then i'll remember to go back on PSN and give it 4 stars (or is it 5 stars for top score?). Whatever. The top score it is!

ThanatosDMC3489d ago

The problem is there is no MonHun for the Vita. Capcom needs to make one for the Vita. Isnt their exclusivity contract with Nintendo over yet?

Abriael3489d ago

It just stared. Those contracts normally don't last less than 5 years.

The Vita doesn't need Monster hunter if it can get BETTER monster hunting games than Monster hunter, and this one definitely looks better. Will it play better? Dunno, but Burst was solid.

ThanatosDMC3489d ago

Yup, i agree but the problem is that there is no other game that plays like a Monster Hunter game. I was hoping Soul Sacrifice would fill that game in my Vita but Soloing enemies is too easy and there's hardly any teamwork once you understand how combo mechanics and weaknesses work.

Not to mention i want that grind of gutting up a monster for their rare parts and wearing it. Wish MH3 Ultimate would be ported to the Vita. I want to swim. Gotta love that added hunting mechanics.

rezzah3488d ago


No MH-like game beats MH in terms of the feeling for hunting and accomplishment.

The reason being is that MH is very hard for anyone new to the series. Once and if you overcome the obstacle of defeating the bigger monsters (the first time is always the best) the feeling you get is great. It replicates the feeling of you putting you're all into achieving something.

ThanatosDMC3488d ago


Pretty much. I remember killing Gold and Silver for the first time... i was so damn happy i took a picture of the PSP with my camera.

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dcj05243489d ago

I like how the agility in Gods eater. Got it free with ps+ and on the vita the right analogvstick makes it infinitley more playable. From the gameplay I've seen GodEater 2 seems to be even better.

AzureskyZ3489d ago

I think most monster hunter fans was on psp-- so when capcom decided to release it exclusively on nintendo platforms, the fans were left with something else to find--- i played the first god eater and it was an honest made game-- looking forward to this one coming out on vita--- maybe it will even teach capcom not to abandon their fanbase, but who am i kidding capcom will never learn even if they go bankrupt.

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demonsoul3489d ago

GoD Eater 2 Seems Very Impressive than MH these gen.

Brucis3489d ago

Soul Sacrifice, Toukiden(spelling?), and now GE2. Vita is getting some 'boss hunt' love.

admiralvic3489d ago

It IS Toukiden and it's an extremely enjoyable game. I just got my special edition Vita with my copy of the game and my only complaint is the fact I can't download the DLC. xD

admiralvic3489d ago (Edited 3489d ago )


Toukiden, which is the closest to Monster Hunter that I've* seen on the Vita, is pushing Japanese sales of the PSV to higher / better levels. Due to more people adopting the Vita over games like Toukiden (we also saw a big boost with the price drop / when Soul Sacrifice released), you're simply seeing GE 2 getting sales from people looking for titles on the Vita. Also don't forget the fact that GE 2 was recently announced to have 2 collectors editions (one with a Vita), which tends to always raise interest.

That's not to say God Eater 2 is lesser or anything, just saying that there are other factors that are coming into play. Just like I keep posting / telling people, no single game (baring something amazingly amazingly amazingly amazingly awesome) can save a system. It will always be a combination of factors that push people to update, which in this case looks to be the Vita price drop in Japan, the release of "Monster Hunter" genre games (Toukiden, Soul Sacrifice, God Eater 2, Freedom Wars [not 100%, but it's certainly looking to be awesome whatever it actually is!], Ragnarok Odyssey, Ragnarok Odyssey Ace, Lord of Apocalypse), PlayStation Plus offering solid Vita titles in Japan and finally the 100+ PS1 classics you can score with Plus in Japan.

* I platinumed Soul Sacrifice / Ragnarok Odyssey and played Lord of Apoc (it's impossible for me to platinum due to region) extensively, so I do have experience with all these titles!

Abriael3489d ago

While no single game can save a system, there definitely are single games that are strong system sellers. Some are so strong that they push the console almost by themselves for a period. They're rare, but they do exist.

Inception3489d ago

Well, maybe japanese gamer got a bit bored with MonHun. I mean, Capcom release a lot of MonHun version in a short time. Than mabye they want to try another fresh alternative like Soul Sacrifice, Toukiden, and God Eater. And for the looks of it, those games got a good response from japanese gamers.

But i still don't understand why Capcom refuse to make a new MonHun for Vita. if they make a new Monhun for Vita and 3DS, i'm sure they generate more profit.

admiralvic3489d ago

"Capcom release a lot of MonHun version in a short time."

Yes, but they're all fairly spread out across several different platforms. Like it was 2 years between Wii / Wii U versions, almost 3 years between MH 2G and 3 on the PSP and so forth. Not saying gamers won't get sick of them regardless, but at least they TRIED to spread this games out on each platform.

Inception3489d ago (Edited 3489d ago )

If you talkin about the gap between MonHun 3 for Wii and WiiU than you right. But i'm not only talking the gap between Wii and WiiU ver, but every MonHun ever release. Here, you can see by yourself every MonHun release

And here i sum up some MonHun release in japan for you:

- Monster Hunter (PS2) = 2004
- Monster Hunter G (PS2) = 2005
- Monster Hunter Freedom (PSP) = 2005
- Monster Hunter 2 (PS2) = 2006
- Monster Hunter Freedom 2 (PSP)= 2007
- Monster Hunter Frontier Online (PC) = 2007
- Monster Hunter Freedom Unite (PSP) = 2008
- Monster Hunter Tri (Wii) = 2009
- Monster Hunter Portable Third (PSP) = 2010
- Monster Hunter Diary: Poka Village (PSP) = 2010
- Monster Hunter Frontier Online (360) = 2010
- Monster Hunter Portable Third (PS3) = 2011
- Monster Hunter Diary: Poka Village G (PSP) = 2011
- Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate (3DS) = 2011
- Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate (WiiU) = 2012
- Monster Hunter 4 (3DS) = 2013

MonHun are just like CoD or sport games that release every one year. There's even three MonHun in the same year. So my prediction maybe true that japanese gamers got a bit bored with MonHun.

And Capcom tried to spread the games on many platform also proof my point a little bit. You saw Kingdom Hearts right? SE tried to spread it on every platform as much as they can with KH spin-off. And every iteration sold less and less with reviews less enthusiastic.

My other prediction that God Eater is a great franchise that have unique selling point and can distinguish itself from MonHun. I said prediction because i never play God Eater. So i leave that to people who already play MonHun and God Eater :)

admiralvic3489d ago (Edited 3489d ago )

A) That is not every Monster Hunter game. ( )
B) My point stands. Capcom doesn't flood the PSP or Wii or any single platform with releases. They just update them and releasing them on different platforms. Like the PSP hasn't seen a REAL MH game in 2+ years.
C) This is different than Kingdom Hearts, since people don't care as much about the spin offs and it's a game people rather see on consoles (unlike Monster Hunter).

Inception3489d ago (Edited 3489d ago )

A) Lol, don't blame me, blame the person who's not updating that MH wikipedia.

B) Than sorry to say this: my point stands above you. PSP doesn't have a real MH in two years, BUT do you think some japanese gamer stop buying / playing MH because Capcom not gave any real sequel for PSP, when Capcom release new MH for OTHER platforms? Use your head a little bit mate.

And like i said, i'm NOT TALKING about spesific platform but i'm talking about how Capcom treated MH as a yearly release in the eyes of japanese gamer. PERIOD.

C) It's more/less the same case. Each company tried to spread the franchise as much as they can on every platform and in every year with a spin-off, an upgrade from the previous version, and HD remake, etc.

It's Doesn't matter too if some people wants to play new KH in consoles. Even MH 1st game is for PS2, a console. But that doesn't count out japanese gamer to buy MH for a handheld. Hell, even MH Tri for Wii still sold a whooping 1,9 million copies.

So i rest my case here. And i'm sorry to say this, but you sound so deffensive. Are you a diehard MH fans?

Don't get me wrong here ok, cause i'm not saying / proving that MonHun is a crappy franchise. I just gave a bit of my viewpoint why God Eater 2 can beat MonHun 4 in

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