More evidence that Thief 4 on its way?

Yesterday VG247 reported that Eidos Montreal was creating a new 'AAA' game, with the letter 'T' being the only clue given as to the project's identity.

It seems now that the game in question is, in fact, Thief 4. Not Trombone Rider.

If you check the Facebook profile pic of Stephane D'Astous, the general manager at Eidos Montreal, you'll see that the letter 'T' Thief logo is displayed.

That's good enough for VG247! Maybe.

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celticlonewolf4242d ago

Its up there as my personal fav stealth game:) great news for fans if true.

JadeTyrant4242d ago

i like splinter cell better as a whole, but Thief did the stealth element better than any stealth game in my opinion

thor4242d ago

Thief 1 and 2 were excellent. Thief deadly shadows sucked imo. It might be becasue it was jointly developed for xbox, and so they "consolified" it and added a lame 3rd person view and stuff, took out the rope arrows, instead of a mission-based system they got into the whole "ooh an open world would be fun let's do that" mentality and it ruined the game I think.

CLX4242d ago

I played all of the originals on pc found them most addictive. the first in the series was by far the best. I hope they can make it fresh and new with out ruining the whole game. One more problem could be plot, now that it's been so long since i played the game I kinda forget where it left off...... Stealing prized jewels from the rich, how much more fun can be had?